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Expert Legal Assist is an initiative taken by the SMEs for catering to the varied legal needs of the organisations and corporates who are conscious about keeping check on their Legal spends. Our SMEs are part of corporate for more than a decade and this experience helps in carrying out conscious studies with respect to the business patterns prevailing, helps in understanding the challenges of the growing business and stabilizing same in this competitive world.

Our business model focusses on delivering to our clients a world class legal support in a seamless manner by ensuring that we jointly come up with practical and economic solutions to mitigate our client’s hindrance towards their growth. We are able to deliver the committed because we have been part of the business and our strategy is to enable smooth business transactions, through our approach of knowing globally and acting locally. We achieve our object through pragmatic, radical and advanced legal solutions and services that help our clients succeed.

We provide unswerving services across different business verticals, industry, practices and sectors in all each matters we undertake.

Your Extended Legal Department

Our tagline depicts philosophy, which we use in analysis, design and implementation of a customized processes for our clients, which assures fulfilment of their legal needs and that to in cost effective manner. We work as a virtual extension of our client’s offices by treating them like an internal client and standing besides them in dealing with the the outer world. This had helped our clients to alleviate the technical hassles of managing a quality legal team within their organisation.

All our clients needs to do, when there is any legal need, is to reach us and we ensure that their ELA team gets to the core of the issue and resolves it by providing an appropriate solution. This is how we achieve, an outsourcing of your legal department in true sense.

Companies who stand to benefit by having ELA as their extended legal department are:

  • Growing small and mid-sized companies, encountering legal challenges
  • Companies with stringent legal budgets
  • Companies needing ongoing legal advisory on routine basis for managing their businesses
  • Companies who are willing to outsource legal department seamlessly.


Virtual Legal Department

Structuring convoluted corporate business demand by proficiently integrating the multiple aspects of corporate laws. This entails handling entire gamut of legal support that is part of business as usual in any company; It includes legal advisory services, complex business negotiations, corporate governance and regulatory compliance management, effective dispute resolution and corporate secretarial support.

Contracts Management

ELA provides a one stop solution for organization’s entire contract life cycle management, which includes complete pre as as well as post closure support, whether advisory or support in terms of a comprehensive review or negotiations on various forms of commercial contracts to support clients’ strategic as well as day to day business activities.

Advisory and Dispute Management

Legal advisory services being one of its core expertise, ELA has been instrumental in helping its client understand the various legal aspects of doing business and minimize the associated risks. It also provides a robust shield to its clients from any and all incoming legal attacks as well thoughtful initiated legal steps on behalf of its clients, to back the same up, ELA is equipped to guide and lead in the matters of commercial disputes.

Regulatory & Compliance Management

With its innovative ways of identifying, mapping and tracking various compliances applicable to the business, ELA not only help organizations and business houses, to understand the compliance requirement, but also facilitates their timely and effective adherence of the same, ensuring regulatory compliant organization.

Corporate Secretarial Support

ELA’s offering of a full range of corporate secretarial services enables clients to focus on the business needs in the utmost effective and organized manner by leaving the corporate secretarial responsibilities with ELA.

Business Case

Case Study 1

The Client : One of the emerging furnace manufacturers.

Business Challenge : Our client was planning to market its products and it was feared that there will be an allegation by one of the global player competitor that the designs were similar to the ones supplied by them. Another challenge here was this competitor was also an ex-employer of the some of the founding members of our client. Before expanding and initiating marketing campaign, the client needed to assess potential conflicts and legal ramifications that could cause disruption in company’s vision and plans.

ELA’s Solution : ELA did comprehensive analysis of the client’s offerings from the intellectual property rights perspective as well as for the possible breach of any restrictive covenants that founding members may have given to the ex-employer and recommended modifications to the the approach client had. ELA is acting as a “Virtual Legal Department” offering to the client to cater to their business as usual since then.

Benefits Delivered : Till date client has never faced any legal impediment to their smooth business functioning and steep growth.

Case Study 2

The Client : One of the major optical product suppliers.

Business Challenge : The client has executed a license agreement without having due legal inputs at the inception of the business. The strategy adopted there was of franchise model to accelerate the business growth; however, the said license agreement and the non-cooperative attitude of the licensor under the said license agreement was a complete road block for the client. Before implementing the business plans, the client needed to address dispute and avoid future legal ramifications that could arise therefrom.

ELA’s Solution : ELA, after analysis of the client’s position vis-à-vis contractual obligations under the license agreement, offered its “Advisory and Dispute Management” offering to the client to amicably reach the win-win resolution for the client.

Benefits Delivered : Not only ELA succeeded in convincing the licensor to amicably settle the dispute but also provided the client an absolute release from any future claims from the licensor. Due to an extensive experience in dispute management, ELA was able to handle the dispute in utmost effective manner and this eventually yielded huge client profits in terms of time and money as ELA provided an alternate measure and saved parties by not letting them go into litigation. At present our client is freely implementing its business plans.

Need for a legal department?

A well-established legal department is a very common phenomenon with the large corporates; however, often small or mid-sized businesses prefer not deploying legal professionals or they opt for low cost firms not having any global legal business exposure, as a part of their conscious efforts to curtail expenses. This eventually leads to dysfunctional organisation and revenue leakage due to lack of attention to matters which needs global legal edge, which is bare minimum requirement in today’s world for protecting the organisation from creating ripples in the functioning of any organisation. Legal concerns, questions or issues that can crop up while doing simple business as usual, all of which need a careful and timely legal attention. An issue that relates to the compliances, associated real estate, employees, contractual arrangements and methods of doing business or rendering services require intense legal monitoring and timely resolution, as cliché it may sound, routine business activity does requires a legal interference to mitigate associated business risks. A timely legal input serves as a preventive step in managing potential future business outcomes and legal measures assures the company's stronger balance sheet and would serve in avoiding any possible punitive propositions.

Where an Organisation may need Legal's assistance:

  • It is utmost important that before launching a new product, a company discuss the same with the legal team.
  • The management should give importance to discuss with its advisors about potential legal issues which may range from simply getting accused of discriminatory hiring practices to sexual harassments to even wrongful termination of the employment, for reducing the risk of potential future litigation.
  • Amongst the endless international expansion and growing ramifications of companies, it is critical to check and implement the needed compliances.
  • Operational staff expects their legal team to understand their business and address their needs from a global standpoint.
  • Checking and registering the company IPRs.
  • Last but not the least, the legal department is also important to address customer complaints. It ensures that the responses to such complaints are drafted in a manner that it safeguards the company's interest from any unwanted future complications.

If ever a company eventually faces a litigation, the best and globally aware legal advisers' role is to help in find resolution to disputes, by evaluating best alternate methods.

Since every business is going multinational or finding a way to have global foot print, in such scenario undoubtedly each corporate business, small, mid-sized or big, needs a well experienced legal team that is well versed with the local and international businesses and laws related with it. The role of legal advisory is to render an appropriate and timely advice aligned to the company strategies, procedures and policies for ensuring ensuring smooth corporate functioning.

To achieve this quest, it is important to have an arrangement that provides an affordable, predictable and cost effective ways that will fit into an overall budget of the company and provides that edge that helps in reducing not just the costs but also creates a compelling environment in curbing inflation in the legal budgets.

Pro Bono

ELA is committed to the communities in which we live and work. Through its diverse accounts of pro bono legal commitments and wide-ranging community service efforts, we aim to serve those who are in need of receiving legal advice. The program promises systemic and meaningful change in the lives of individuals.


Welcome to ELA Careers!

At ELA we believe in equal work opportunity, we offer a challenging and exciting approach to develop your knowledge and skill. Encourage to take initiatives and empowering our people are core ideology at ELA. Development and growth means that you have the opportunity to learn from your colleagues and clients around you through on-the-job experiences.

We welcome people from Art, Legal, Business, Human Resources backgrounds and more. A wide range of matters, case studies and clienteles which comes from from global business houses accelerates to reach different level of knowledge and understanding of Commercial Legal world.

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